27th Annual Conference for Young Artists

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    Students can do almost anything if they put their minds to it. Presenters will share their knowledge and talent with students by giving them unique art techniques. By participating in the Virtual Conference for Young Artists, students will use their imaginations to create and design their own works of art. Teachers and parents can help them expand their imaginations and build creativity by encouraging them to learn new art techniques to broaden their perspective on art.

    The Conference for Young Artists is open to all student in grades K-8.

Young Artists Dates

  • Young Artists Event Date: Videos will be available to registered participants during January 1-10, 2021
    (length of the videos will vary from 30-40 minutes)
    Virtual Young Writers Fees: 
    $15 per student with a $30 max per family
    $275 per classroom/group of 20-30
    participants are responible for supplies (see brochure for supply list per session)
    Registration Deadline: December 8, 2020
    NO registrations will be accepted after December 8, 2020

Conference for Young Artists in 90 Seconds

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