SWWC Cybersecurity Services

  • SWWC Cybersecurity Services, unlike other cybersecurity offerings available, are not simply a standby response team for when cyber incidents occur. We are focused on effective Prevention and Mitigation strategies to drastically reduce the need for response and make response more thorough and efficient when necessary.”
    Since 2016, more than 1,100 documented cyber-attack incidents have occurred in K-12 School Districts throughout the United States that have required public incident reporting or received media coverage, including dozens right here in greater Minnesota! These incidents result in lost time, money, and add to the mounting headaches of district leadership. Across the public sector, an ever-increasing number of cyber incidents occur every day as threat actors attempt to gain access to critical infrastructure as well as financial and personal data that can be used in further attacks. The number and complexity of cyber-attacks has been increasing substantially over the past 5 years, and in 2020, the sudden shift to a mostly digital economy and way of interacting with customers, citizens, and students, has led to an exponential increase in the number of cyber incidents occurring. 

    Since 2019, the “PK-12 education industry sector” has been identified the most vulnerable of all segments. The industry is identified as a treasure trove of information that is amongst the most sought after and valued by threat actors. On an ever-increasing basis, the attempts, and successful attacks on schools have become more regular and more complex, with attackers looking to expose the weak cybersecurity practices currently in place at schools. With schools being the custodians of an immense amount of untapped student information that allows for them to perform identity theft and financial fraud, which can go on, in some cases, for over a decade before being detected. 

    SWWC has built a brand-new offering to coordinate the Cybersecurity framework for schools and our public sector members, in a method that focuses on directly supporting your current technology staff, and on the continuous improvement of policies and procedures to better your organization’s cybersecurity maturity. By focusing on Cybersecurity at a regional level, SWWC will bring focused expertise with a team approach, ensuring that those entities participating in the service are receiving the best-in class service that acts as an integrated extension of your technology team, and which will be unrivaled by that of even the largest districts in the state!

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