Distance Learning

  • The SWWC Distance Education Program allows students to participate in academic areas that their school might not normally be able to offer through the use of our ITV delivery system. 
    If you are interested in the Distance Learning opportunities offered through SWWC contact:
    SWWC Service Cooperative Distance Learning courses are offered to over 100 school districts throughout Minnesota in the ECMECC and NWLinks ITV consortiums. 
    The Distance Learning Course Offerings catalog contains the courses that schools indicated that they were willing to offer. If you are in need of a course not listed in the Course Offerings catalog, please email helpdesk@swwc.org with your specific request and we will do our best to find a school offering the course you seek.
    Course Costs for the 2018-2019 School Year
    ITV Courses
    • $330.00 per period per student per semester
    • Block Courses (80 minutes or longer, normally 4 per day) $660.00 per student per semester.
    If additional student seats are filled after the start of a course, a $30 per student late enrollment fee will be assessed.
    ITV Connection Fee per class per Semester
    • Courses not provided through the SWWC Distance Learning Program and College Credit Courses are subject to a $475.00 per semester, per course connection fee.
    • Charges may vary if courses are sought outside of SWWC's ITV offerings.
    Reimbursements to instructing districts for ITV Courses
    • $300.00 per student per semester