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  • SWWC Technology Services knows IT inside and out! Whether IT is Information Technology or Instructional Technology, SWWC's team of specialists provide expertise in whatever IT is for you! Our team focuses on solutions that make IT work for you by bringing together the expertise in the specializations of technology administration, planning, funding, implementation, maintenance, support, security and integration into curriculum.
    The Technology Department also administers the SWWC Wide Area Network, a collaborative effort among 31 school districts and 2 charter schools, and 2 parochial schools in southwest Minnesota to offer high-speed shared network and Internet access to be used for shared data services and distance education.
    Distance Education coordination and scheduling as well as teacher training for the use of online and ITV resources is also the responsibility of the Technology Department. Our other specialties include Technology Integration, providing the guidance, professional development and support to educators to make the best possible use of technology in the classroom as well as E-Rate.
    For more information about any of the programs and services provided by the Technology Department, please explore our website further or contact Josh Sumption, Director of Technology at josh.sumption@swwc.org or 507-537-2265. 
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