Meet our Keynote Speaker: Jeff Utecht

  • Keynote speakerJeff Utecht, the child of two teachers, Jeff’s been rethinking education since his teenage years working his local farm in the Spokane Valley. His first mentor, a fourth grade teacher, agreed to let Jeff serve as a volunteer teacher at the age of 17. From these very first experiences in the classroom, Jeff understood how critical it is for learning to authentically honour learners.

    Jeff’s experiences as a volunteer served as a catalyst for his career. Early on in his educational practice, Jeff’s passion and commitment to student learning led to him being awarded a Bill and Melinda Gates Grant, the Technology Leadership Project. Jeff’s curiosity about the evolving role of technology in education pushed him to experiment with blended learning, network literacy, and digital collaboration during a time when very few schools were savvy to the coming shift.

    Jeff’s dedication to students drove him to document his learning as an educator, an instructional leader, an administrator, and a consultant to technology startups. Sharing his insights through his blog and podcast, he caught the attention not just of local leaders, but of leaders around the world. In 2010, Jeff was invited by the Prince of Bahrain to participate in conversations to reimagine teaching and learning. In 2018, Jeff was invited by the UN to share his thoughts at the Global Knowledge Summit in Dubai. 

    Today, Jeff has up-skilled more than 55,000 educators around the world. He’s been a keynote speaker at dozens of events globally, and he’s consulted with over 200 school districts. He’s founded an international consortium of consultants, and he’s developed professional learning pathways that have created sustainable change for modern learners. 

    Unwavering is Jeff’s personal mission to ensure schools prepare students for their future, and not our past. He has never stopped learning, and he has never stopped volunteering his support to students. Jeff is currently working on a new book, new professional learning pathways, and a new podcast series from his home in Seattle where he lives with his wife (a fellow educator), and his two cats (who most definitely want to pursue a future in education as well).

    Jeff's Sessions at IT2 2023 
    Keynote at 8:15 on Friday: A New Learning Landscape
    Not just our educational institutions, but the entire societal fabric is undergoing a transformation. An evolving digital learning ecosystem underpinned by artificial intelligence is emerging. This landscape of globally interconnected and AI-driven education poses the question: What does this paradigm shift mean for our schools, our students, and communities? Together we will explore the future, shedding light on the potential realities that today's students might encounter in an increasingly AI-augmented world.

    Session 201 at 10:30 on Thursday: The Intersection of SEL and Technology in our Students Lives
    If we are talking about SEL and focusing on SEL in schools then we must also focus on the impact technology is having on our students. This session will dive deep into why and how we engage our students in SEL and Tech related discussions in our classroom.

    Session 301 at 12:30 on Thursday: Digital Citizenship: Moving from Private to Public
    Technology is part of our everyday lives and it is for our students as well. It is time we stop treating digital citizenship as 30-minute lessons and instead help prepare students for the workspaces of the future. Come be part of a conversation of how we help students move from private to public in safe and meaningful ways that prepare them for their future.

    Session 401 at 1:45 on Thursday: Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT
    As the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in education continues to grow, it is crucial for educators to be equipped with the necessary skills to effectively use AI tools such as ChatGPT. This training will focus on exploring the various applications of ChatGPT in the classroom.

    Session 606 at 9:30 on Friday: Changing Nature of PD
    "This session delves into the dynamic shifts happening in professional development, facilitated by emerging edtech trends. In a world where lifelong learning and adaptability are paramount, traditional approaches to professional development are giving way to more personalized, technology-enhanced models. We will discuss the role of AI and data analytics in creating tailored professional growth paths and fostering a culture of continuous learning."

    Session 706 at 10:45 on Friday: Using Google My Maps to Tell Stories, Gather Research and Learn Mapping Skills
    Everyone knows Google Maps, but have you heard of My Maps? Come ready to geek out and learn all the ways your students can create maps not just use maps. When’s the last time you touched a paper map? Then why do we still have students coloring them! Digital maps are the future … let’s prepare them for their future, not our past.

    Session 806 at 12:45 on Friday: Creating Skill-Based Assessments in the Era of ChatGPT
    We will discuss how AI can enhance the assessment process, focusing on the creation of engaging, adaptive, and effective evaluations. Teachers will learn how to integrate ChatGPT into their curriculum to facilitate personalized learning, offering instant feedback and promoting student engagement.

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