Schools with Technology Subscriptions

  • School districts that subscribe to our Basic Technology Services, Technology Coordination Services or Tech Integration Services are considered to be "Technology Subscribers", which brings with it a number of entitlements including, but not limited to, reduced costs for Technology Workshops, Trainings and Conferences that are provided by the SWWC Technology Department. If your school district is listed below, you do qualify for reduced "Technology Subscriber" rates, if listed as a Fee option. If your school is not listed below, your fee type will be "Non-Tech Subscriber". 
    What else is included with my "Technology Subscriber" status?
    • Participation rights in our weekly Technology Coordinator and Technology Integrationists virtual meetings.  
    • Free access to Clarity by BrightBytes (a value of $1,998 to $5,500 per school district)
    • Reduced rates for many of our Technology Services, including, but not limited to: on-site support, trainings, technology integration coaching, technology leadership workshops and technology conferences.
    For more information or to inquire about signing your school up for Technology Services, contact:
    Josh Sumption, Chief Technology and Information Officer; 507-537-2265
Technology Subscribing Districts