Speech Language Pathology at SWWC

SLP image


    • Rebecca Bottelberghe: WWG
    • Laura Buckley: BOLD
    • Sherri Burke: Comfrey, Fulda, Tracy and Worthington
    • Anna Carstensen: Lakes Country Service Cooperative
    • Janelle DeVries: Pipestone Area
    • Anthony Frank: ACGC and Lester Prairie
    • Madeline Jenkins: Pipestone Area
    • Jacqueline Johnson: Clarkfield Charter, Ellsworth, HLO and RLB
    • Becky Kolander: Windom
    • Amy Olfert: Mountain Lake
    • Rebecca Paluch: Ivanhoe and Minneota
    • Heather Sage: ACGC
    • Kaye Squires: Ivanhoe, Lakes Country Service Cooperative, Milroy and RTR
    • Kimberly Starz: Marshall and Tracy
    • Brianna Strom: Comfrey
    • Cleone Vasek: ACGC and GSL
    • Heather Wachal: Windom

    • Hailey Schumacher: SWWC ELCs
    • Beth Wallace: SWWC ELCs