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  • SWWC has literacy experts ready to support your team with implementing evidence-based literacy instruction, training your staff on approved reading professional learning (LETRS, LETRS for EC, CORE Online Language and Literacy Academy, etc.), selecting and implementing evidence aligned tiered curricular materials, implementing a robust MTSS frameworks to advance literacy goals, implementing and using data for decision making (universal screeners such as FASTBridge and DIBELS), and supporting additional professional learning and literacy coaching in your district.

    Do you need a literacy lead to support your READ Act implementation efforts?  Please contact us today to learn more about this service. We are happy to support your district meet your literacy goals.

    Structured Literacy (SL) prepares students to decode words in an explicit and systematic manner. The instruction is based on careful and continuous assessment in order to be individualized and meet a student’s needs. The learning is hands-on, engaging, and multimodal. The six elements to SL instruction are:
      • Phoneme Awareness
      • Sound-Symbol (phoneme – grapheme) Correspondences
      • Patterns and Conventions of Print (Orthography)
      • Morphology
      • Syntax
      • Semantics

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    Are you interested in LETRS training?
    Contact Natalie Delmonico, COMPASS Regional Literacy Lead, at natalie.delmonico@swwc.org.

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