Shared Services - Curriculum Coordination

  • Shared Services is a collaborative group of school districts that contract for in-house support and school improvement services.
    2018-2019 Shared Services Districts

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         RTR Area Schools              Lake Benton Public School

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    Canby School District              Hendricks Public Schools              Lynd Public School




    Teaching and Learning Map

    Shared Services Include:
    • Alignment of Academic Standards: Support staff in Standards Alignment, provide extensive support and training for instructors in study and implementation of state standards.
    • State and Local Data: Collection and organization of MCA, MTAS, and ACCESS assessment results, support of staff and administration in analysis of data.
    • Staff Development: Facilitation of specific trainings during teacher in-service time, assist administration in meeting the needs of instructors, provide opportunities for teachers to network across districts.
    • Curriculum Review and Purchase: Support teacher team through the review and evaluation of current and possible future resources/materials, coordinate the ordering and delivery of curriculum resource/material samples (including any necessary professional development).
    • Instructional Coaching: Partner with teachers to set goal(s) for instructional practices based on best practices, provide recording equipment for observation lesson, follow-up to determine outcome(s) for goal(s) and further action.