Health & Safety Management Assistance Program

  • The Health and Safety Management Assistance Program provides consultation and coordination of services related to the management of environmental health and safety concerns for school districts. These services may include:
    • Assist schools in identifying and prioritizing health and safety plans and programs. Particular emphasis shall be provided to assist districts in planning, developing, monitoring, and improving newly required Health and Safety Policy
    • Conduct on-site management assistance work for a minimum of two site visits per district per fiscal year
    • Work with the Minnesota Department of Education and other Service Cooperatives in the development of future H & S workshops, meetings, trainings, etc.
    • Direct communication with the Minnesota Department of Education
    • Interpretations of mandatory requirements from the Minnesota Department of Education
    • Assistance completing mandatory report
    • More personalized service such as summarizing communications (mass emails, etc.) to let schools know exactly what they need to attend or complete
    • Assistance to determine what is allowable under Health & Safety funding
    • Assistance coding Health & Safety
    • Ability to recommend approval of Health & Safety projects up to $10,000 with MDE criteria
    • Interpretations of regulatory agencies
    • Mock OSHA building walk-through
    • Assistance with Machine Guarding
    • Playground Safety Inspection

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