2020 Registration

  • logo Registration Deadline is March 17, 2020

    Registration Fee is $10 per student for students from Minnesota West Consortium member schools.
    • Non-member schools - $15 per student
    There is no cost for advisors.  
    • Additional chaperones must pay the registration fee.
    Registrations will not be accepted if received after midnight on March 17.
    Refunds are not available, but substitutions will be accepted.  If possible, please call before the event with student names for any substitutions.
    The following competitions have a limited number of entrants per school:  Baking Science (2) and Culinary (1). Advisors will be contacted immediately after the March 17 deadline and informed if alternates and additional teams may participate.  If more spots become available, a drawing will take place to determine which students will be added. 
    Register students using this Registration Form.