ITV Courses

  • The SWWC Interactive Television (ITV) Program allows students to participate in academic areas that their school might not normally be able to offer through a synchronous, video-basedformat. If you are looking for Online Learning options offered through SWWC, please visit our STARRS Online Academy
    The Course request form is utilized to submit interest in enrolling students in your school district in an ITV Course. Note that the form can be utilized to request a course regardless if it is or is not listed in the ITV Course Catalog.
    No course offerings have been submitted for 2024-2025 as of April 1, 2024. As a result, the ITV Course Catalog is not available. If your school district would like to offer an ITV Course, please continue to submit your course offering through the Course submission form above.
    SWWC Service Cooperative ITV courses are offered to school districts in SWWC's membership and throughout Minnesota's METN collaborative.

ITV General Information

  • Early Registration Discounted Pricing
    Early enrollment is important to ensuring that courses have student demand before host school districts commit to teaching the course. For this reason, we will offer early registration discounted pricing to schools that submit enrollment numbers for ITV courses before April 15 of the preceding school year. At that time, enrollment numbers submitted for the early registration discount are final commitments; your school will be billed for the early registration numbers, even if fewer students attend the class. This will allow for the hosting district to make staffing determinations necessary to provide the course for schools participating in ITV.
    Early registration enrollments will be communicated to the host school district for each of their courses, and they will then have the opportunity to commit to teaching the course or cancel the course by May 15.
    Early enrollment commitments are tied to courses. A district’s commitments cannot be transferred to another class unless SWWC cancels a class you had early commitments to. In the event of a cancelation, you may move your early enrollments to other courses up to the number of enrollments in the canceled class(es). If a class is canceled, and you do not transfer your early commitments to another class, you will not be held responsible for the early enrollment numbers in the canceled class.
    If your school does not meet the early enrollment deadline, enrollments may still be submitted at the Regular Registration rate, but they will be honored on a first-come first-serve basis until a course's maximum enrollment or maximum number of sites is reached.
    To receive the early registration discount, please fill out the “Early Registration Form” located at with the number of students your school will be enrolling in each course. (This enrollment form will not be available until the ITV Course Catalog is complete - approximately February 12, 2024)
    Any enrollment submitted after the early enrollment deadline does not qualify for early enrollment discounted pricing. Course enrollments received after the start of a course shall be assessed at the late registration fee.
    Books for ITV courses are the responsibility of the enrolling school districts. If a book is required for a course that you are enrolling students in you will need to a.) purchase the books from the publisher or b.) arrange a borrowing or rental program with another school district that has the books. SWWC will make efforts to coordinate book availability when possible, but shall not incur any costs associated therein.
    ITV Common Bell Schedule
    A common bell schedule for ITV courses was developed in 2009 by superintendents and principals from our member districts. The bell schedule is used as a guideline for the planning of ITV classes and can be customized to meeting times that are mutually agreed upon by schools participating in each ITV class section.
    • Early Bird Session: 7:20am - 8:10am
    • First Period: 8:15am - 9:05am
    • Second Period: 9:10am - 10am
    • Third Period: 10:05am - 10:55am
    • Fourth Period: 11am - 11:50am
    • Fifth Period: 11:55am - 1:25pm
    • Sixth Period: 1:30pm - 2:20pm
    • Seventh Period: 2:25pm - 3:15pm
    *Fifth period ITV classes are not advised in order to avoid lunch conflicts. Fifth period courses may be added and scheduled if the meeting time is mutually agreed upon by all districts participating in a course section.

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ITV Course Costs

  • Early Registration: $300 per period per student per semester (Block Courses - 80 minutes or longer, normally 4 per day: $600 per student per semester)

    Late Registration: $330 per period per student per semester (Block Courses: $660 per student per semester)

    ITV Connection Fee:
    • SWWC-coordinated ITV Courses are not assessed connection fees.
    • Courses not provided through the SWWC Distance Learning Program and College Credit Courses are subject to a $475 per class per semester connection fee.
    • Charges may vary if courses are sought outside of SWWC's ITV offerings.

    ITV Course Instructing District Reimbursement
    : $300 per student per semester ($600 per student per semester for Block classes)