Orientation and Mobility at SWWC

  • Orientation and Mobility services are provided to blind or visually impaired children by qualified personnel to enable those students to attain systematic orientation to and safe movement within their environment in school, home, and community.
    Individuals with visual impairments use O&M skills and techniques to travel safely and independently through the environment. 
    O&M instruction focuses on the development of sensory perception and interpretation of visual, auditory, tactual, olfactory, kinesthetic, vestibular, and proprioceptive information. Independent travel often involves the use of orientation and mobility devices and tools (e.g., long canes and dog guides) and orientation technology (e.g., global positioning systems [GPS] and mobile apps).
    In Minnesota, teachers of the blind and visually impaired (TBVI) address O&M needs through the functional vision assessment. If O&M needs go beyond what a TBVI can provide, a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS) is contacted to complete an O&M evaluation.

SWWC's O&M Team