ParaEducator: Professional Development Courses and Assessments for Paraprofessionals

  • ParaEducator is an online platform for paraprofessionals, featuring over 100 work related courses and assessments that can be completed to be considered "highly qualified." Once registered, you will be sent information allowing you to access ParaEducator online courses (one registration per paraprofessional is required).  

    To complete the assessment to be considered “highly qualified,” paraprofessionals should complete the courses for “highly qualified and assessments,” and complete the assessment in person at SWWC on the designated date and time, as the assessment must be proctored.
    It is strongly recommended that paraprofessionals complete the assigned prep courses prior to taking the assessments. Estimate 8 – 12 hours to complete the prep courses. Assessments will then need to be completed, with 70% accuracy, to be considered highly qualified.

    The "Prep" courses include: Title I: Mathematics Skills, Title I: Reading Skills, Title I: Supporting Instruction and Title I: Writing Skills. These courses will automatically be assigned to you. It is estimated that the courses take 8-12 hours to go through.

    Paraeducator Online Courses Include: 

    • 140 self-paced courses covering general education and special education environments.
    • Courses that are organized into bite-sized units and are perfect for training days.
    • Posttests at the end of each course that are automatically graded.
    • Training and assessments to highly qualify your paras and meet Title I requirements.
    • Transcripts and course certificates that paraeducators can access to document their training.
    • Content that aligns with CEC standards for paraeducators and is endorsed by CASE.
    • Research-based content written by experts in the field. 

    Courses should be completed online before you take the assessment at SWWC.  
    Contact Information
    To learn more about the assessment process, contact Dawn Christensen at or 507-537-2278