Minnesota Solar Energy Workshop - 7-12 Science Teachers - Marshall


Who should attend?
7-12th Grade Science Teachers, Career and Technology Teachers, Afterschool and STEM club leaders

For the Attendees:

  • It's FREE
  • Breakfast & lunch provided
  • Substitute reimbursement
  • NEED Solar Energy Kit by grade level
  • Minnesota standards aligned curriculum


  • The Science of Energy - Learn more about the forms of energy while experimenting with the NEED Project's Science of Energy kit, including:

    • Energy Enigma - After learning about the Science of Energy, participants will begin studying the sources of energy.  What are they? Where do they come from? How do we use each of the 10 sources of energy?
    • Solar Energy 101 - After learning about the forms of energy with Science of Energy, participants will begin studying the way solar energy is tapped to provide electricity, hot water, and heating and cooling of buildings.
    • Exploring Solar Energy - Explore activities and find new ways to incorporate solar into your classroom!
    • Energy Management - Learn about NEED tools and activities that teach about energy conservation and efficiency.


The NEED Project designs and delivers teacher-tested educational materials, evaluation techniques and tools, recognition of student achievement, and professional development for educators.  NEED materials and training programs provide comprehensive, objective information about the scientific concepts of energy and the sources of energy - their use and their impact on the environment, the economy and society. 

Questions? Contact Wendi Moss at wmoss@need.org or call 1-800-875-5029

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