Checking for Excluded Providers

  • To bill MHCP for covered IEP services, districts must enroll as a Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) IEP provider. Employees and contractors of the district who perform the service do not have to enroll with MHCP separately. It is the responsibility of the districts to ensure individuals performing the service are properly trained, licensed, certified and qualified.

    MHCP cannot enroll or pay for services provided by individuals or entities that are identified on the OIG List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) or on the MHCP Excluded Providers List. School districts are required to conduct a search of the excluded providers lists before they hire staff who will work with children on MHCP and on a monthly basis thereafter. Do not allow an individual or entity that is on the list to provide services to children on MHCP.

    MHCP publishes two exclusion lists: one for excluded group providers and one for excluded individual providers. Districts need to check the individual excluded lists on a monthly basis. These Exclusion Lists are updated regularly. Individual or group providers may be on the Minnesota list before being added to the OIG’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE). Districts are responsible for checking their employees and other contracted providers ... and SWWC staff will be checked by SWWC. It is the school district's responsibility to determine who will run these check lists and how they will be maintained in case of audit. Both lists need to be checked monthly: the OIC (Federal) and MDHS (State) list. Sometimes a person may not be on the federal list, but appear on the state and vice versa. 

    FEDERAL CHECK: Click this link to visit the OIG Exclusions website, choose “Search for Multiple Entities”, and enter last name and first name of providers. Copy/paste your findings to a document and save on a monthly basis.

    STATE CHECK: Click on “MHCP Excluded Individual Providers" link. Download/save the excel file on a monthly basis and check the list against your staff/contracted providers. (Remember, SWWC will check SWWC staff).

    If a staff member appears on either of these lists, contact your respective Human Resource person or appropriate department. 
    Excel Files