School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

  • The premise behind SW-PBIS is to shift from a reactive and aversive approach to managing problem behavior to one that is preventive and positive. SW-PBIS is comprised of a broad range of systems and individual strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviors with all students.  
    SW-PBIS is the integration of 4 key elements. 
    • Operationally defined and valued outcomes
    • Behavioral and biomedical science
    • Research-validated practices, and 
    • Systems change to both enhance the broad quality with which all are living/learning and reducing problem behaviors.   
    In 2008, four schools in the southern region were involved in the SW-PBIS initiative. In 2009, SWWC Service Cooperative in conjunction with South Central Service Cooperative and Southeast Service Cooperative received a grant though the Minnesota Department of Education to expand the number of schools in the southern part on Minnesota using SW-PBIS.
    Schools in the South Regional Implementation Project
    Cohort 9: 15 schools
    Cohort 10: 14 schools
    Cohort 11: 17 schools
    Cohort 12: 10 schools
    Cohort 13: 27 schools
    Cohort 14: 8 schools
    Cohort 15: 16 schools

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