Meet the STARRS Online Academy Team

  • Bailey Rettmann, Regional Director of Educational Learning Centers,
    Patrick Archibald, Principal,
    Nicole Larson, School Social Worker/Online Learning,
    • Nicole is involved in all aspects of the STARRS Online Academy experience and is available during the school day. She is responsible for reporting student registration, course credits and course completion to the student and the enrolling district. 
    Special Education: A special education teacher is on staff with STARRS Online Academy to meet the needs of students on IEP and/or 504 plans. For students with geographical locations outside our area, we will provide support via ITV, Skype, email and phone. Face to face time will be addressed as needed. A special education director through SWWC is also assigned to STARRS Online Academy. SWWC's Division of Special Education Services is fully staffed to meet all IEP and due process requirements.

    Technology: Changes in software, hardware or technical systems will be communicated through the Online Learning Manager to students, parents, and teachers. Computers are provided only for full time comprehensive students enrolling. Supplemental and credit recovery students need to have access to a computer and tech help will be provided by the resident district. 

    Oversight Committee: The committee is responsible for drafting yearly program improvement plans, evaluating the effectiveness of goals using data, and revising goals based on the data. The committee is comprised of a SWWC Board Member, the Regional Director of Educational Learning Centers, a Principal, a Teacher, the Online Learning Manager and a Parent. The committee will review graduation rates, course completion data, student attendance data and student performance data.