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Youth Mental Health First Aid Training:

The Youth Mental Health First Aid program is an international program that reviews the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents ages 12-18. It emphasizes the importance of early intervention and covers how to help an adolescent in crisis or experiencing a mental health challenge. The youth course is intended for anyone16 years or older to learn how to help young people. YMHFA uses role-playing, simulations, active discussion and videos to demonstrate how to assess a mental health crisis. Participants do not learn to diagnose nor how to provide any therapy or counseling. Rather, participants learn to support a youth developing signs and symptoms of mental illness or in an emotional crisis.

To become a Youth Mental Health "First Aider":

-Attend the entire course, be an active participant throughout the training and pass a short final test. 

 -Each participant receives a manual to keep that is filled with resources, tips, tools, etc.

Presenter:  Paige Thompson, LGSW, CSW, Mental Health Consultant

Registration Fee:  $100.00/per person

Registration Deadline:  January 22, 2017

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