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In 2016 the MN Legislation adopted language that states, "the district must annually report a summary of the district's efforts to screen and identify students with Dyslexia or convergence insufficiency disorder to the commissioner by July 1."  Join Lori Langerud from Reading Resources as she presents her experience and expertise in working with students with Dyslexia every day, along with some resources and tools to help schools meet this requirement.

When screening for potential Dyslexia in students, the process needs to answer two questions; first, they are exhibiting strong signs of Dyslexia and second, do they have enough auditory phonetic discrimination to benefit from an Orton-Gillingham based learning strategy.  We will go over the basics of Dyslexia and them move into simple assessment tools and why we use them.  Finnaly, we will be working with Dyslexia Quest, a video game screener designed using the CTOPP AND WISC.  This seminar is designed to be interactive, if you have a laptop chrome book or iPad, please bring it with you.

Lori Langerud from Reading Resources will present on the following topics related to Dyslexia:

  • Overview of Dyslexia
  • Warning signs
  • Where to find additional research and resources
  • Where can parents go?
  • Screening tools
  • Interventions available
  • Now what?

Cost: $95.00 Per Person

Registration Deadline: February 22, 2016

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