Tier Interventions

  • What is an intervention?
    An intervention is targeted instruction to meet student skill deficit.
    A strategy designed to help a student improve performance relative to a specific goal.

    Academic Intervention Critical Components Checklist developed by Jim Wright at www.interventioncentral.org 

    The checklist summarizes essential components in academic interventions.
    What's the difference between interventions at different tiers?
    Many interventions can be delivered in multiple tiers - what determines the tier is the size of the student group and the frequency of progress monitoring.
    Tier 1 Interventions
    Tier 1 Interventions are delivered as classwide interventions when a deficit is identified in more than 20-25% of the class.
    Tier 2 Interventions
    Tier 2 interventions are small group interventions (typically 3-5 students) that target an identified deficit.  Progress monitoring is done at least bi-weekly to determine effectiveness.
    Tier 3 Interventions
    Tier 3 interventions are individualized intensive interventions targeting an identified deficit.  Interventions are typically delivered in a one on one setting and progress monitoring is done weekly.