Red Rock Ridge ALC

  • This program serves students in grades 7-8 (mid-level ALC) and grades 9-12. It is designed to meet the needs of special education and regular education students who meet one or more of the 12 eligibility areas according to Minnesota Statute. The ALC offers a basic curriculum with elective classes. Referrals can be made by the home district, parent or student.
    Our education staff works with the student’s resident district to ensure academic programs meet the individual needs of each student. Academic courses are offered are in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Elective classes include Art, Greenhouse, Landscaping, Woods, Computers, Independent Living Skills and Physical Education. The ALC offers a basic curriculum in addition to independent study, night classes and summer school.  
    The students at the ALC have the opportunity to participate in support groups which are held once a week. These groups are facilitated by a licensed social worker. We also offer a parenting group for students who are parents or are expecting which is sponsored by Cottonwood/Jackson Public Health. This group is held once a week during the student's lunch period. 
    Philosophy: We recognize the unique needs and life circumstances of learners who require an alternative to the traditional school setting.The ALC staff offers programming in a safe, caring environment that focuses on meaningful, learning experiences and encourages personal growth a self-directed, life-long learning. We believe that competencies in academic, social and life skills are necessary for an individual to live and work as a responsible citizen. The ALC is designed to provide a second-changc educational option for qualifying students enrolling in quality programming culminating in a high school diploma. We are a State of Minnesota approved program, not a GED program. We provide eligible students the opportunity to work toward high school graduation and to earn a diploma from their home district. 
    Our Mission:
    • To provide each learner with the choice to meet high school graduation requirements, this includes the master of academic, behavioral and communication skills to prepare individuals to become responsible citizens in a multi-cultural society.
    • To provide the opportunity for students to develop academically by being aware of individual learning styles and to better evaluate student learning by effectively using performance assessments
    • To provide learners the opportunity to become active and accountable on their educational journey and to provide a learning environment that stimulates creativity and awareness to social skills
    • To prepare the students for employment-now and in the future.
    Program Eligibility: Area Learning Centers were established in 1987 by the Minnesota State Legislature as optional education programs available to eligible learners to assist them in succeeding in school, or to learners who wish to complete high school in a nontraditional setting designed to meet the individual needs of learners.
    An eligible student must be age 12 through adult, and meet one of the following qualifications:
    • Age 12-20
    • Behind in graduation credits
    • Pregnant or a parent
    • Assessed as chemically dependent
    • Victim of physical or sexual abuse
    • Experience mental health problem
    • Experience homelessness anytime within the last 6 months
    • Expelled or excluded form a school district 
    • Speak English as a second language or has limited English proficiency 
    • Referred by two of the following: District, Parent and/or Community Support Services