Welcome to the Minnesota Principals Academy 2019-21 Regional Cohort

  • We are excited to announce that SWWC will host the next regional cohort, pending legislative approval of funding!
    Principals, Assistant Principals, Deans of Students, and other school or system leaders in the region interested in participating should contact Lisa Gregoire at SWWC (lisa.gregoire@swsc.org) to enroll.
    The cohort’s schedule will be announced in mid-May, an informational launch meeting will be held in early August, and the first unit will begin in mid-September.
    If you have and questions about the program, please feel free to contact MPA Program Director, Dr. Katie Pekel at kpekel@umn.edu or visit https://innovation.umn.edu/mnpa/2019-21-regional-cohort/.

Regional Cohort Calendar

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