Speech Language Pathology at SWWC

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    • Jane Anderson: ACGC and SWWC ELC - Willmar
    • Laura Buckley: BOLD
    • Anna Carstensen: SWWC ELC - Pipestone
    • Suzie Cleveland: Pipestone
    • Annie Dettman: SWWC ELC - Cosmos
    • Anthony Frank: Lester Prairie, Climax-Shelly and Clarkfield Charter
    • Natalie Good: Tracy
    • Stephanie Heitkamp: SWWC ELC - Windom and Climax-Shelly
    • Traci Janssen: WWG
    • Jacqueline Johnson: Ellsworth, HLO and RLB
    • Becky Kolander: Windom
    • Amy Olfert: Mountain Lake
    • Rebecca Paluch: Ivanhoe and Minneota
    • Jessica Robinson: SWWC ELC - Belview
    • Heather Sage: ACGC
    • Kaye Squires: Ivanhoe and RTR
    • Kimberly Starz: Marshall, Montevideo and Tracy
    • Brianna Strom: Comfrey
    • Heather Wachal: Windom
    • Amanda Wagemann: Benson
    • Anne Woelber: Fulda

Speech Language Pathology

  • Speech-Language Pathologists help those who stutter to increase fluency; help people who have had strokes or experienced brain trauma to regain lost language & speech; help children & adolescents who have language disorders to understand & give directions, ask and answer questions; convey ideas, improve the language skills that lead to better academic performance; and counsel individuals & families to understand and deal with speech and language disorders. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is committed to ensuring that all people with speech, language, and hearing disorders receive services to help them communicate effectively. Visit their website for a wide variety of resources to help you understand communication and communication disorders.  

Speech Language Telepractice

  • Telepractice Speech/Language Therapy is the application of telecommunications technology to deliver professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client for assessment, intervention, or consultation. (ASHA 2005). Many rural schools in Minnesota are unable to hire a speech language pathologist (SLP). Their children may not receive services, may have to travel many miles to obtain services, and/or may receive services less frequently than needed, as the SLP has to travel and visits their school infrequently.
    SWWC offers children in southwest and west central Minnesota individualized services from a qualified speech language pathologist. Using interactive voice and video technologies, an ASHA certified speech language pathologist provides individualized speech language services at the child’s school during the school day. The speech language pathologist is located at a remote site, and provides speech and language therapy sessions using similar formats and frequency as traditional face-to-face therapy. Special video equipment paired with Internet technology enables the child and speech language pathologist to see and hear each other during live interactive speech language sessions. Additional programs, pictures or Internet pages may be shared to elicit communication. Both speech and language skills may be addressed.
    Schools receiving service need to have: 1) Identified students needing speech language services, 2) high speed internet connections, 3) a quiet room with a dedicated telephone and computer, with high quality audio/video card and processing power, and 4) a high quality video camera and headset purchased from SWWC. SWWC will provide the computer software and the speech language pathologist.  
    The SLP will provide:
    • A checklist to assist teachers in determining if a referral for speech/language screening is appropriate;
    • Speech-language screening via teletherapy technologies;
    • Speech-language diagnostic evaluation and assessment services via teletherapy technologies;
    • Written reports including teacher suggestions and therapy recommendations;
    • Participation in the school’s IEP team meeting via internet conferencing;
    • Onsite visits for staff;
    • Parent training; and
    • Speech-language therapy services via teletherapy technologies.

SLP Telepractice Contacts