2019-2020 ITV Course Offering Submission

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  SWWC Service Cooperative's Distance Learning Program is in the process of putting together our course offerings for next school year (2019-2020). By providing us with course information now we will offer courses in our master registration catalog and will be able to provide your school district with registration numbers in early May so you can make an informed decision on offering the class or not.

If you are interested in offering an ITV class through the Distance Learning Catalog, please complete this form with all of the information requested by March 15. Classes in the catalog will be made available to all members of the SWWC Wide Area Network (SWWC), East Central Minnesota Educational Cable Cooperative (ECMECC) and Northwest Links Network (NW Links) and also may be offered through our statewide affiliates in the Minnesota Education Technology Networks (METN) when courses matching those we offer are requested.

For providing instruction of ITV courses, your school district will be compensated $300.00 per enrolled student per semester in the courses that you host.

For the purposes of regional and statewide distance learning, the school year calendar will begin on the day after Labor Day (September 3, 2019). In the event that schools work collaboratively to offer courses between agreeing districts, the school year calendar can match whatever mutually agreed upon start and end dates are established.

This form must be completed individually for each course you are submitting, all information is required to ensure our course catalog is complete. This makes the process much easier for schools reviewing your courses for potential student enrollments, allowing them to have the information they need to make their decision.
Please provide a short description of what will be covered in this course.
Most courses are worth 1.0 credits for full year and 0.5 credits per semester. However, in some cases a single semester course may be worth 1.0 credits. Please define the credits available for this class.
The value must be between 0.25 and 1.00, inclusive.
Please review the ITV Common Bell Schedule on the "Distance Learning General Information" page at www.swsc.org/distancelearning for more information on the Common Bell Schedule.

If the course meets for the entire year, select "Year long Course" only. If the course meets for one semester, but will be offered as a repeat in both Semester 1 and Semester 2, then select both Semester 1 and Semester 2. The same principle applies to the quarter meeting patterns.
Select at least 1.
Select all that apply
Select at least 1.
Please indicate the book title, revision of the book, ISBN number and if the book will be provided by your school, or if the enrolling school will need to purchase the books. If you are using electronic books, ie. MPCC or CK-12, please indicate that the book is electronically available.
Enter the name of the administrator overseeing this course offering.
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