• The Site
    The SW/WC Service Cooperative's Online SMART Board User Group is a free service for our members. Registration is required to access the site and will be requested upon your first attempt to access it.
    Online SMART Board User Group
    If you are having difficulty accessing this site it is possible that the website it is hosted on is being blocked. Please ensure that http://swwcsmartboard.ning.com is in compliance with your school districts content filtering policies.
    What can I do on this Site?
    The following activities are allowed on this site in order to build a professional, collaborative community around the SMART Board and it's supporting products:
    • User Groups: A great place to communicate and share with teachers and administrators just like you! You can carry out your own discussios and upload files into your User Group allowing people to quickly find resources and people to talk to when they have questions about their content area! We have stared a number of User Groups, but if you think we missed one let us know. Josh Sumption is in charge of managing our User Groups and can be contacted at josh.sumption@swsc.org
    • Network Forum: So, what are people doing with those SMART Response systesms and Airliners in their classroom? The Network Forum is the place for general discussions about SMART products, training and events!
    • Blogs: Want to start a Blog about what you are doing and keep people up to date? This is the place to do it.
    • Media Files: Feel free to share your Pictures and Videos that you have created for use on your SMART Board. But remember, don't violate Copyright laws!
    • Chat: Want to quickly ask a question of another user of the community and get it answered right away? The Chat feature will allow you to communicate to members of the community who are online.
    • Events: We will do our best to keep our SMART Board Events posted here, but remember, you will still need to register through our Online Registration system if you plan to attend! If you have events to share feel free to add them! Once approved they will be there for the whole community to see.
    We probably don't need to remind you, but please remember to keep all communication on this site as professional and courteous as possible. The end goal is for everyone to learn from one another, so as a member of the Online User Group we ask that you share as much as possible.