Online Indoor Air Quality Survey

  • Poor indoor air quality can affect the health of your staff and students.  It can also affect the overall climate of your building.  It can affect concentration, attendance, and performance.
    An effective IAQ Management Plan is one that is designed to meet the goals and needs of your school. Expectations of an IAQ Management Plan must be realistic and manageable so that commitment from the school board, the administration, and staff can be achieved.
    An important step of an effective IAQ management plan includes an annual survey of building occupants.  Although there are several ways to accomplish this we are excited to offer an easy cost effective way to electronically survey your staff and send you a summary of all results.  Prices starting at $350 per district.
    You will get:
    • A survey that is customizable and available electronically to all staff
    • A survey that is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week from any location
    • An easy to read detailed report of the results by building or district
    • Checklist for the maintenance department of concerns
    • Summary sheet to distribute to staff and school board
    • Up-to-date information and FAQ sheet 
    SWWC Contact
    Christine Schmitt,, 507-537-2262