Welcome to the Live Conference Sessions


  • Tuesday, April 14; 11am – 12pm
    PERA Reporting Potpourri - Code P
    Presenter: Luis Argueta, PERA
    A look at a number of PERA reporting topics in Q&A format, and a review of recent legislative changes.
    Tuesday, April 14; 12:15pm – 1:15pm
    Federal and State Wage and Hour Law During COVID-19 - Code P
    Presenters: David Skovholt, Outreach Coordinator, MNDLI; and Corey Walton, Community Outreach & Planning Specialist, USDOL
    This session will provide a detailed overview of federal and state labor department responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the expansion of paid sick days, Family Medical Leave Act changes, final paycheck issues for closed businesses and other critical issues facing employers.

    Wednesday, April 15; 8am - 8:45am
    MARSS Changes for FY 2020/Counting All Students & Ed-Fi - Code S
    Presenters from MDE: Marilynn Loehr, State MARSS Coordinator; Gayra Ostgaard, Results Measurement Specialist; and Tara Chapa, Data Management and Student Accounting
    This session will cover MARSS changes and the transition to Ed-Fi occurring at MDE, including how Ed-Fi was chosen, timelines for implementation, what this means for districts/schools, and support that can be expected during onboarding.
    Wednesday, April 15; 9am - 9:45am
    MCCC 2019-20 Updates - Code S
    Presenter: Karen Millette, Program Manager, MDE
    This session will focus on MCCC data submission.
    • Explore the updates to the 2019-20 MCCC reporting. 
    • Walk through the file submission process and answer the question of "Am I done?" 
    • Take a look at how MCCC data is being used and how it is being planned to be used in the future.
    Wednesday, April 15; 10am - 10:45am
    Transportation Reporting and Special Situations - Codes S and F
    Presenter: Kelly Garvey, Pupil Transportation School Finance, MDE
    This session will discuss unique transportation situations such as SpEd, homelessness, care and treatment and 504 Plans, and how transportation is funded and school district responsibilities.
    Wednesday, April 15; 11am - 11:45am
    Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Update - Code F
    Presenter: Sarah C. Miller, Education Finance Specialist, MDE
    This presentation is designed to assist school districts, intermediates, cooperatives, charter schools & vendors in meeting LTFM revenue program parameters. M.S. 123B.595 (Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue) and M.S. 123B.57 (Health and Safety Projects) will be reviewed, including 2019 Legislative proposals (Radon Testing). LTFM allowable & restricted expenditures in H&S and Deferred Maintenance will also be covered.
    Wednesday, April 15; 12pm - 12:45pm
    MARSS Relationships with both ADM and PSEO - Codes S and F
    Presenter: Jeanne Krile, Education Finance Specialist, MDE
    This session will familiarize and connect MARSS coordinators with an Average Daily Membership (ADM) overview as well as a Postsecondary Education Options (PSEO) overview. Included will be ADM Enrollment Projections as they relate to MARSS reporting covering both school districts and charter schools either 1-3 years old or 4 years and older. MARSS reports related to ADM will also be covered. The session will also include MARSS calculations of ADM for PSEO purposes (PSEO high school hours) and several MARSS reports. We will cover MARSS 56, MARSS 58, MARSS 5, and MARSS 60, with the goal of connecting counselors’ student course reporting with MARSS coordinators reporting.
    Wednesday, April 15; 1pm - 1:45pm
    Special Education Funding - Code F
    Presenter: Paul Ferrin, MDE
    The presentation will cover program basics and reimbursement rules.
    Wednesday, April 15; 2pm - 2:45pm
    MDE UFARS Hot Topics - Code F
    Presenters from MDE: Deb Meier, Education Finance Specialist 2; and Molly Koppes, School Finance
    This presentation will review FY 2020 UFARS changes and discuss upcoming FY 2021 UFARS changes, including new code requirements for Safe Schools, Finance Code 342, and Basic Skills, Finance Codes 309 and 317.