April 2019 ELC Update

RRR ALC Update from Nicole Larson, July 2018

  • Due to changes in funding during the 2014 school year, the Red Rock Ridge ALC made several programming changes over the last few years, including the reduction of 3.0 FTE teachers and .5 FTE social worker. The program currently maintains 2.5 teachers, 0.5 Special Ed teacher and 0.5 Social Worker.
    In order to continue to provide a strong program for our districts, we have applied to MDE and received approval to offer STARRS Online Learning Academy. This service will be two-fold. First, it will offer districts the opportunities to access supplemental online courses for a variety of reasons to better meet student needs. Secondly, it will provide a strong elective curriculum for the RRR ALC.
    As a result, students who enroll in the RRR ALC will access a blended programming model. Core classes will be offered with direct instruction from current RRR ALC teachers. The remaining electives will be offered through the STARRS Online Academy on-site at the RRR ALC. Students will continue to attend the program full-time and their day will look very much like it did this past year. However, students will access these online courses in a supervised computer lab at the RRR ALC. Courses will be taught by MN licensed teachers and STARRS Online Academy staff will provide support and intervention as needed. The STARRS Online Academy staff currently includes a 0.5 Social Worker/Online Learning Manager and a full-time paraprofessional – both will provide support to students and also facilitate supplemental online learning to students from member districts regardless of RRR ALC eligibility.
    How will this impact your district?
    We have worked closely with MDE to create a pricing structure that will enable us to maintain the level of service we are proud to offer at the RRR ALC. Districts will continue to be billed monthly based on student enrollment at the RRR ALC. The bill will now have two types of charges. The first will be the portion for the RRR ALC, which on average will be about $26.87/day. The second charge will be the STARRS Online Academy portion, which will be about $63.93/day.
    We look forward to this opportunity to continue serving your students. For more information or to answer any questions, please call Tish Kalla at 507-215-1593 until July 11. After July 11, all inquiries should go to Bailey Rettmann, Regional Director of Educational Learning Centers, at 320-905-1404 or Patrick Archibald, Site Administrator at the Red Rock Ridge Learning Center, at 507-831-6935. I will be back in the office at the beginning of August.