SpEd Forms How-To Resources

SpEd Forms Important Reminders

    • Your sign in to Sped Forms is your electronic signature because of your username and secure password.
    • Each time you input data, you must “SAVE” the log. The screen will prompt you to do this when you try to exit.
    • Evaluations and therapy must be billed on two separate activity logs with separate ICD – 10 codes.
    • Only one month of service per activity log.
    • Make sure there are no duplication of monthly activity logs.
    • Use last day of the month for “Date of Log”.
    • Drop down menu for “Serving District” is where you provide the service, NOT the “resident district”.
    • If two providers for the same IEP health related service are entering claims on the same day, they must combine the time and only state one encounter. We bill in units, and MDHS only allows one unit per day per student.
    • You can go into an activity log and make any changes, additions, deletions until you FINALIZE and/or billed.
    • When all activity has been entered for the entire month, and if/when any supervisor signatures are completed, then FINALIZE the log.
    • Once an activity log has been billed (indicated by a “B” on the claim line), you cannot make any changes. NOTHING. If there is something that needs to be corrected, contact your 3rd party billing coordinator so it can be changed through Sped Forms only.
    • Providers should not check the “signed” box at the bottom of the activity log unless you are a supervisor , e.g., of a COTA or PTA, clinical internship. If you are the supervisor, then you will need to check the “sign” box and make sure your name appears in the dropdown box below the “sign” box. Then FINALIZE.
    • Only FINALIZED logs will be billed.
    • If you choose to indicate when a student is absent, or you are absent so no services were provided, put a “0” in the amount of time, AND also check the box “Not Billable”.
    • PCA activity logs may be entered into Sped Forms daily, weekly or monthly. The hard copy where all the PCAs have signed and which also provides a complete description of the tasks completed daily must be kept in the student’s SpEd file. For PCA services only: when entering claim lines into Sped Forms, you do not have to complete the “Description". You may type in “See log” which indicates the hard copy is kept on file at the school with full explanation and signatures of PCAs/supervisors that is required.
    • You may duplicate a previous month's activity log, even if it has been FINALIZED and billed. When a log is duplicated, it will appear as if it was not billed. You then need to change the dates, times, descriptions accordingly, save, and follow the same procedures as above.