Children's Author & Illustrator Program

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    Students in local elementary classrooms meet an established author/illustrator who share their personal adventures of creating and publishing books. This program encourages the love of reading and inspires students to write and illustrate. It  give students a chance to connect with a published author/illustrator. The presenters will share their personal adventures about how they became an author/illustrator and what it took to get there. They will share how they generate ideas that turn into stories, what inspires them, the publishing process, some of the challenges and the successes, trials and errors.
    This program is available for a half day (two, one hour sessions) or full day (four, one hour sessions) residency. SWWC coordinates the schedule of the visits. Public Libraries are encouraged to collaborate with their schools. Get the community involved too.  Invite the public such as parents, grandparents, elderly anyone who might be interested in listening to the program.
    Residency Dates: March 25-29 & April 8-12, 2019
     Audience: K-6 Elementary Schools 
    Early Registration Deadline - November 1, 2018
    Final Registration Deadline - November 8, 2018
    NO registrations will be accepted after the final registration deadline
    News Release (available after residencies)

Terri DeGezelle Michels, Author & Photographer

David Geister, Illustrator

  • School Library Book Orders
    Schools are responsible to purchase books for the school library through the author or through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other publishers
    Student/Staff Book Orders
    • Schools should coordinate book orders for students and staff
    • Books can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other publishers and possibly through the author
    • If schools are unable to coordinate student/staff book orders, please give parents the opportunity to order books on their own by emailing them information about the author visit and their books
    • Here is a sample statement that can be used to email or send home to parents. Note to Parents about Book Orders
    Find pictures from the author/illustrator school visits on our Facebook page.
    Short video clip 2018 Author visits
    *Photos & media: By participating in this event you are giving the SWWC SC permission to use any audio/video recordings and photographs that are taken during the event.