Physical Therapy at SWWC

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    • Linda Hamm: ACGC, BLHS, Cosmos Learning Center, EVW, NLS and Willmar
    • Jessica Hanson: BLHS and Willmar
    • Judy Kramer: ACGC, BBE, Cosmos Learning Center, EVW and NLS
    • Krista Laumer: BOLD, GSL, Lester Prairie and Willmar
    • Daydrea Nelson: GSL and Lester Prairie
    • Karie Novak: Fulda, HLO, JCC, Lake Benton, MCC, Mountain Lake, Red Rock Central, RLB, RTR, Tracy, Windom and WWG
    • Kyle Quenemoen: BBE, Benson, KMS, MACCRAY, Montevideo and Prinsburg
    • Kaitlyn White: Fulda, HLO, JCC, MCC, Mountain Lake, RLB, Tracy and Windom

Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapy professionals work with children to develop motor skills which provide a base for functional mobility. Physical therapy can help students to further develop their available motor skills or to compensate for poor skills.  Physical therapy targets balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, posture, seating, walking, transfers, and positioning.  Addressing these areas will help children gain classroom and school mobility.

    Physical Therapy is a Related Service

    Physical therapy is an important educational service for students with special needs. Physical therapy assists students to reach their greatest level of independent functioning. Services are provided as determined by the child study team, when there is a demonstrated educational need that requires the expertise of a physical therapist. Services are provided directly to the child by a physical therapy practitioner. Indirect services may include teacher consultation, family consultation, and establishing/monitoring the student in different educational settings.