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The Red Rock Ridge School is located in Windom, Minnesota.  Within our walls, we house 3 programs:  The  Red Rock Ridge Alternative Learning Center (ALC), Red Rock Ridge Setting IV Behavior Program, and Red Rock Ridge Learning Center. 
The Red Rock Ridge Alternative Learning Center is for students in grades 9-12.  The ALC offers a basic curriculum with elective classes including Art, Greenhouse, Landscaping, Woods, Computers, Independent Living Skills, and Physical Education.  The students at the ALC have the opportunity to participate in support groups which are held once a week.  These groups are facilitated by a licensed social worker.  We also offer a parenting group for students who are expecting a child or have children which is sponsored by Cottonwood/Jackson Public Health. This group is held one time per week during the student's lunch period. The Red Rock Ridge Alternative Learning Center serves students from the tri-county area.
Our Red Rock Ridge Setting IV program provides social, behavioral, and academic programming directed toward identified conduct disordered or oppositional defiant students to gain skills to effectively function in their home school, work, and society.  These students will receive an academic education as well as an opportunity to learn how their behavior caused them difficultly with their parents and community. Individual counseling, group counseling and social skills are important components to this program. 

The goal of the Red Rock Ridge Learning Center program is to stabilize behavior in appropriate situations outside of a residential treatment setting.  Learning Center services for a child is an integrated set of education, therapy, and family interventions.  Improving relationships with peers and adults and gaining self-confidence and esteem are key elements. The classroom is a self-contained classroom where the students work on their basic education classes through out their day. Each student works at their level to maintain and gain skills in academics.  The classroom is also used as a teaching tool for behavior.

Location:  The Red Rock Ridge School is located in the former Highland Elementary School Building in Windom, Minnesota.  Our facilities include many classrooms, group/conference room, a gymnasium with a stage, a cafeteria, play therapy room and several counseling rooms.
Red Rock Ridge School
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