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The staff of the SW/WC Service Cooperative take pleasure in welcoming you to the Blue Mound Learning Center. Please take advantage of the academic and counseling opportunities that are available.


The Blue Mound Learning Center (BMLC) is a new Level-IV E/BD program located in Pipestone, Minnesota.  It is operated by the Southwest/West Central Service Cooperative.  BMLC is physically located at Minnesota West Community & Technical College building in Pipestone.  BMLC provides educational as well as emotional/behavioral services to students located in southwestern Minnesota.  It is operated by one lead teacher and two paraprofessionals.  Support staff includes a physical education teacher and counselor as well as other professionals.


The Blue Mound Learning Center’s purpose is to provide a safe learning environment for students who are having difficulty functioning within the general education setting.  BMLC focuses on stabilizing the student, supporting the family, and facilitating the student’s return to their home school if that is the appropriate learning environment for the student.


Programming will provide students with academic learning as well as emotional and behavioral guidance and opportunities.  Students will develop study skills, academic skills, social skills, behavior management skills, and vocational skills in the program.  Programming for each student will be based upon the student’s IEP goals and objectives as well as the student’s grade level and academic level.


BMLC has a present capacity limit of eight students.
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