SW/WC Service Cooperative

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Our Mission

Belview Learning Center provides social, behavioral, and academic programs directed toward identified mental health and behavioral disabilities to help students gain skills to effectively function in their home, school, work and community environments.

Our History

The Belview Learning Center opened its doors in September of 2003.  This program was initially offered under the auspices of the Redwood County Collaborative.  Original partners in this program include Redwood County Human Services , Renville County Human Services, Yellow Medicine County Human Services, Southwest Health & Human Services, PACT4 Family Collaborative and Marshall Collaborative.  The City of Belview and its community members were also instrumental in the implementation of our program.  As of July 1, 2012, the Belview Learning Center is operated solely by SW/WC Service Cooperative.  A Steering Committee comprised of representatives from county human service agencies, area school districts, and community members continues to provide guidance and recommendations for the BLC programs.